The gifts that make every coffee lover happy 

The gifts that make every coffee lover happy

Thanks to the growing coffee culture, there are many types of coffee lovers. One person likes a regular filter coffee with sugar or a dash of milk, while the other goes for the Italian espresso or cappuccino. With the arrival of coffee chains such as Starbucks, a lot of flavor variations have been added, such as the Latte Macchiato and the Frappuccino.

The real coffee lover has a coffee grinder or a machine with a coffee grinder at home where the unground beans go into. This is to preserve all the aromas that are released during grinding as much as possible.

Worldwide there are 100 different types of coffee beans, but these can all be traced back to 2 main varieties; the arabica and the robusta. The coffee beans are offered as “single origins” where it concerns one type of coffee bean from one region or as a “melange” in which it is a blend of various matched coffee beans. The real coffee purist, of course, finds that the most interesting.

Are you looking for a gift for a coffee fan, then below you will find our selection from which you will definitely find a successful coffee gift.

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