Bistro Cooking by Cyril Lignac

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Product Description

Forget about Jamie Oliver for a moment. We’ll introduce you to Cyril Lignac, a French chef who has already sold more than 2 million books.

Cyril Lignac enjoyed his training with Pierre Herme and Alain Ducasse. Cyril now has several top restaurants and a private TV show. In France, Cyril is the most popular chef at the moment.

His book Bistro Cooking revisits 40 classic French dishes, reinterpreting them for a contemporary audience. From monkfish cooked with tandoori spices and a macaroni and chard gratin, to pain perdu with cherries and Sicilian pistachio ice cream, Cyril Lignac’s recipes combine tradition and modernity in a truly delicious way, allowing the quality of ingredients to shine through.

This is a gift that you give to someone who loves cooking. What you can say while giving your gift is that you want to introduce them to a very popular French chef. And you immediately have a good excuse to invite yourself for a dinner. Let’s eat!

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