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Product Description

With the Dopper water bottle, your gift contributes to a better world. When Merijn Everaarts saw a documentary about the plastic waste in our oceans in 2009, he started a design competition for the perfect reusable bottle for drinking water. Now a few years later Dopper has become a phenomenon.

Due to the unique design of the Dopper, the bottle is easy to keep clean. In addition, the white cap forms a cup when you turn it over. You can easily carry it in your bag to work, to the gym or in the car.

The Dopper is, in our opinion, the ideal combination of a sustainable and responsible gift and hip design. The Dopper is available in different colors, from neutral to bright versions. There is also a steel version of the Dopper which is twice the size of a normal Dopper. Put a special Dopper Sports Cap on the bottle and the one you give this gift to is totally the boss in the gym.

For those who want to give a personal touch to their gift, you can also opt for a Customized Dopper. You can then add a text or photo yourself and Dopper will print it on the neck of the bottle. Make sure to use a nice photo or a special text that fits the person to who you give the bottle.

Do you have your own company or are you responsible for the business gifts at work? Then also consider the Dopper. The message you give here is permanent, especially if you have your company logo printed on it.

We wish you lots of fun giving this awesome bottle.

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