Jamie Oliver Denim Apron

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One size fits all with adjustable strap, funky rivets and buttons and multiple front pockets.

Present description

Jamie Oliver has been HOT for a while now! The contemporary chef has released his own restaurants, TV programs and dozens of cookbooks. And tell me, who doesn’t like Jamie Oliver?

It all started when Jamie was working at The River Café in London. He was noticed here by documentary makers and the rest is history. His TV program in which Jamie Oliver gave underprivileged youngsters a training and then let them run a restaurant is one of his successes. Simplicity in both his appearance and dishes are familiar to Jamie.

That is also this apron. It is made of tough Denim fabric. It has convenient pockets and an adjustable strap. It is also something else than giving a cookbook where everyone has plenty of. So does your boyfriend, girlfriend, father, mother, grandmother or grandfather love cooking? Then this is the ideal gift. And even so important, it is nicely packed!

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