JBL Go Bluetooth Speaker

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Product Description

You want to give a present to someone who likes music? Then the JBL Go Bluetooth speaker is the right item to give.

JBL is known for its high-quality speakers. The brand is owned by Harman International Industries, a subsidiary of South Korean company Samsung Electronics.

The JBL Go has been a complete success since its introduction. More than 1 million units have been sold within the first 8 months after its launch. It is a compact Bluetooth speaker with a battery duration of 5 hours. You easily send all the music from a tablet, phone or laptop to the speaker through a Bluetooth connection. With the supplied USB cable you can easily charge it and through the 3.5 mm jack plug you can also connect it with a wire. In addition, you can use the JBL Go to call thanks its built-in microphone.

This is really a perfect gift. The person you give it to can take it to school, to the campsite, when fishing, to work or when just relaxing in the garden on a sultry summer evening. And despite its small size, the sound it produces is impressive. This is a very good alternative for people who always listen to music on their smartphone.

There are plenty of colors available so you can always choose the right color that suits the person to whom you give this gift. What do you tell with your gift? Very simple: music makes people happy and when I thought about happy I thought about you!

Want to combine your gift? Then give a Spotify Gift Card together with this JBL Go speaker. Then the person can immediately enjoy his new speaker.

We wish you lots of fun giving this gift.

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