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Product Description

Sometimes you are so enthusiastic about something that you also want someone else to have it. That is certainly the case with the Kindle e-reader. And that makes it a perfect gift.

But why? Because the Kindle e-reader makes reading fun!

Instead of a bookcase full of books, you can easily put thousands of books on the Kindle. And that while the Kindle is lighter and handier than an average book. The books, therefore, take no space and do not collect dust.

You can easily take all your books with you wherever you go. Enjoy reading on vacation, on the train, on a terrace, in bed, on the couch, and so on.

You do not need a reading light due to the built-in backlight. The font and the size of the letters can be fully adjusted to your wishes for extra reading comfort. Therefore you do not need reading glasses.

Nobody sees what you are reading and the Kindle always opens at the point where you stopped reading. Another advantage is that ebooks are often cheaper than printed books. In addition, ebooks are of course much better for the environment.

Reason enough in our opinion to recommend the Kindle as a gift. Have fun giving!

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