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Product Description

You wouldn’t tell when you see the box, but Ligretto is a super-fast card game that requires a good response. Do you have a birthday of someone who is competitive? Then give him or her Ligretto.

It is suitable for 2-4 players and the goal is to get rid of your cards as soon as possible. Everyone plays at the same time, creating hilarious situations. When the signal “Ligretto start” is given you start laying down your cards on the appropriate stacks. Simultaneously, all players try to discard as many cards of the same colour as possible from 1 to 10. You need to be fast, clever and skilful.

If you combine two different-coloured boxes of the Ligretto basic game, up to 8 players can participate. And if you use all three different boxes, you can play with up to 12 persons.

Ligretto is highly recommended as a gift and gives an endless amount of fun. The price is also very attractive. With your gift you tell that you want to test your reaction skills with the other person and challenge him or her for a game. Have fun giving this entertaining game!

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