Nachtmann Noblesse Whisky Glasses

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Product Description

You just know that a Whiskey drinker is a connoisseur and that he or she appreciates the small things in life. Yet it is tricky to give a bottle of Whiskey as a gift. You run the risk that it is either the wrong Whiskey or that you have to dig deep into your pocket.

That’s why you give these Nachtmann Whiskey glasses. Nachtmann was founded in 1834 in Germany. They make a complete series of crystal glasses. Craftsmanship and passion are of paramount importance for them, whilst young designers also have a chance to prove themselves. A nice story to tell when giving this present, because like with Whiskey it is in the small and subtle details.

The Nachtmann Whiskey glasses are delivered as a set of 4 and are dishwasher safe. After reading many reviews online, the quality aspect comes back every time. After several dishwasher cycles, the glasses are still crystal clear and they are nice to hold when drinking. So a real winner.

In short, a gift that is appreciated by every Whiskey connoisseur! And you immediately have a reason to invite yourself for a glass of Whiskey. We wish you lots of fun giving these glasses.

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