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Product Description

Who doesn’t know Netflix? Yet Netflix needed a while to capture the hearts of TV-watching folks. And how! It is mainly the series that have contributed to the popularity of Netflix.

There are series developed by Netflix themselves such as Narcos, Breaking Bad and House of Cards. These series have won prize after prize. And believe us, more than rightly so. You become literally addicted and can not wait for the next season. In addition to their own offering, there are so-called purchased series such as Prison Break and Suits. The offering is complete and very qualitative. There is also a choice of films.

Netflix works on the basis of a monthly subscription. You do not pay per episode or per film (like at Apple) but for a fixed amount you can watch everything 24/7. With the more extensive subscriptions, you can even create multiple accounts. For example one for yourself, one for your wife and one for the kids. Netflix can be watched via an Apple TV, Smart TVs and mobile devices. You can literally enjoy your favorite films and series everywhere.

We wouldn’t be writing about this if you can’t give this to someone as a present. There is a Netflix Gift card for sale. An ideal gift. You literally give someone hours of viewing pleasure and the opportunity to finally talk about your favorite series together.

What do you tell with your gift? Simple: let’s have a nice evening together watching your favorite series. Immediately a good excuse to meet again quickly.

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