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Product Description

What do you tell with your gift:
• Never again a thick bunch of keys in your pocket.
• Stylish on the street.
• For the modern man or woman who loves luxury items.
• Started as an idea in a start-up.
• Praised in the global press.

We still marvel about the enormous bunches of keys that have been built up over time. You probably recognize it: keys, cuddly toys, key tags and a few iron rings with anything and everything.

Nothing wrong with that, but it is not that it is impossible to normally store many keys in your pocket or trousers. Even worse is when your keys stick to your bag or coat and leave permanent damage.

Orbitkey is the solution for these people and it is fun to give as a present.

What is it? Orbitkey is an Australian company that started as a so-called start-up (a small company that is founded with the aim of achieving great successes). Their vision was to change the traditional key bunch into a stylish and functional accessory.

And it worked. The Orbitkey turns your key ring into a compact accessory by means of a leather or rubber loop. There are now plenty of colors and materials available. By default, between 3 and 7 keys can be attached.

And your car key? At OrbitKey they found a solution for that too. You can easily add your car key by attaching it to the included hook.

But there’s more. You can even optionally add a beer opener or a USB stick in the form of a key. This way you always have everything at hand that you need. There are also many extra straps that you can order. For example, if you want to vary in accordance with your outfit.

The Orbitket isn’t very cheap. The standard rubber version has the lowest price, while if you would you like a leather one you pay more. On the other hand, if you look at how often you have your keys in your hands on a day, you may wonder if it is really expensive. What we also like about it is that there are various accessories available. This way one person can give the OrbitKey and the other one an accessory. Or you give an accessory on another occasion!

The OrbitKey comes in a beautiful package that reflects the quality of this gift. Have fun giving!

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