RFID Blocking Waist Wallet

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Product Description

What do you tell with your gift:
• More and more passes and important travel documents that you need to protect.
• Invisible to wear.
• Water-resistant compartment for, for example, an iPhone.
• Always safe on holiday.
• To be given in combination with some currencies for where that person is going on holiday.

We go on holiday more often and we take an increasing number of valuables with us. What to think of credit cards, bank cards, ID cards and passports. And unfortunately, tourists are the number one victims of pickpocketing.

Yet you see the majority of travelers still take everything with them on a trip. Their wallet in the back pocket of their pants, passports somewhere in the bag, foreign currency in a separate compartment. Brands such as PacSafe offer a solution and therefore the ideal gift to give to someone who is going to travel.

PacSafe has developed the Coversafe Waist Wallet. You would not think anything special. Yet there is a clear idea in this fanny pack.


The bag has two compartments at the front. Both compartments can be opened with a zipper. The boxes have enough space for passports, money, cards and possibly a small wallet or iPhone. And, one of the bags is waterproof for extra protection. On the zips, there is a button that you can click. As a result, pickpockets have less chance.

The strap of the fanny pack is equipped with steel wire so it can not be cut by pickpockets. You are therefore always protected. The buckle is concealed in the bag, you can not just snap it off.

The back of the fanny pack is provided with comfortable soft material that also absorbs sweat. This allows you to wear the fanny pack even under your pants or shirt, nobody sees it.

One of us received this gift once with some foreign currency of the country where we went on vacation. Meanwhile, the bag has gone along on a journey through Thailand, Europe, Curaçao, and Mexico. And it’s just very useful, you have everything at hand. And we carry it not only around our waist but also around our chest. The possibilities are endless.

This is really a gift that nobody expects or thinks about. You are original and involved with the person to whom you give it. And we know for sure, he or she will think about you giving the gift many times.

The PacSafe is available for a price of around $30. Also, take a look at the other Pacsafe products. For example this sleeve in which your passes with an RFID chip cannot be read. An absolute must-have!

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