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What do you tell with your gift:
• A gift that evokes memories for everyone.
• You immediately feel like playing with friends and family.
• Also an online variant with 260,000 players per month.
• A good excuse to turn off the phones once and to be cozy together.

You hear it more and more often; we live in a digital era where everyone prefers to crawl into his phone all day and night. Even on a birthday or a pleasant evening, everyone seems to be “absent” and to pay most attention to what happens on their phone.

And you often hear people ask where that good old time has gone. Well, here it is: give a party game as a gift. No one will expect it, and everyone who gets it will be enthusiastic. Because everyone remembers that cozy time where you could stay up in your pajamas to play another game.

Our tip; Rummikub. This game is already as old as time. It was developed in Israel in the 1930s and is played with 2, 3 or 4 people. The goal is to be the first that puts all their cubes on the table.

In 1983 it was even chosen as game of the year. There is also an online version released where no less than 260,000 players per month are active. What do you mean games are old-fashioned?

We choose the original version. Nice to play a game with a drink. The slogan says it all: “Brings People Together”. Don’t know what to buy for Grandpa or for Grandma? Then Rummikub is the ideal gift. Guaranteed that Grandma or Grandpa will challenge you for a game.

Success guaranteed!

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