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Product Description

The British brand Luckies makes all sorts of products and gadgets that are just a tad more unusual than other products. For example, take this Luckies Scratch World Map.

Many households have a world map. People often have them to tell others where they already have been in the world or where they want to go to. For the adventurers Luckies has made a world map with a scratch layer. Every time you’ve been to a country you can scratch the layer off (just like a scratch card). A color will then appear depending on the country. This way people can show in which countries they’ve already been.

We think this is really a great gift. Just because it is so simple and you can really make someone happy with it. Imagine that every day you can dream away for a moment to the countries where you’ve been when you look at the map. Or what about people who come over for a dinner! The card will immediately trigger the conversation.

The price of the card is also reasonable. In other words this is a must-give gift! The card is delivered in a sturdy tube.

Want another product from Luckies? Then try the Adventure Journal, a scratchable bucket list.

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