Secrid Mini Wallet

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One of the Must-Haves for Every Man and Woman!

Present description

What do you tell with your gift:
• Dutch design + Dutch make.
• Never have a thick wallet in your back pocket.
• Always protect your cards against damage and fraud by reading RFID chip remotely.
• The product is a winner of the Red Dot Award and many other prizes.
• Hip image and a real Eyecatcher.
• Super practical in use.

One of the must-haves for every man and woman: the Secrid Mini Wallet. A small wallet made of an aluminum casing and a leather cover. Why a must-have? You still see the modern man with a huge “bump” in his back pocket, what is there is a thick old worn wallet. A real letdown. The Secrid Mini Wallet addresses this issue.

The wallet is therefore only 2.1 cm thick. At the top of the Mini Wallet is the slot where you can place 6 flat cards. By clicking the tab at the bottom, your cards will automatically pop up. Very nice is that the cards are stepped up so that you can easily slide out the right card at a glance.

After detaching the button on the side you can easily unfold the Wallet and you have additional space:
• Two boxes for a number of passes
• A flap that unfolds where you can safely store your money.

And then the story behind this Mini Wallet. Marianne van Sasse van Ijsselt and René van Geer are the driving force behind Secrid. After years of designing products for companies such as MaxiCosi, KNP, and Quooker, Marianne became involved in the introduction of the Chipper and Chipknip (a former electronic cash system used in The Netherlands). They discovered that consumers were not happy with all those cards because their wallets were not suitable for the fast-growing number of passes. This resulted in the establishment of Secrid. The philosophy is that plastic cards get a lot to gain. In particular, cards with an RFID chip are not stored safely in a normal wallet. These can be read or copied by criminals at a distance. So the Secrid actually works as a firewall. They Secrid Mini Wallets are available in more than 45 countries.

A beautiful story to tell when you give this gift! For example for Father’s Day, your father’s birthday. But also for mothers, there are all kinds of trendy colors! It comes in a nice black box with a booklet.

This is currently THE wallet where we still get compliments for when we pull it out.

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