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What do you tell with your gift:
• The hottest gift at the moment.
• Slippers with a hip image, it’s just cool to walk on slippers again at home.
• A real quality product for multiple winters of fun.

Who thought that UGGs are out of fashion is wrong. And then we’re not talking about those boots that are available in all kinds of colorful designs and colors. What are we talking about? The UGG Slippers; the winter accessory for every man, woman, and child. And with that, the perfect gift for you to give.

The brand UGG has existed for decades and started with an entrepreneur who came to America in the 1980s with a case full of “sheepskin” boots. He was convinced that the rest of the world would ever share his love for sheepskin. In the late nineties, several celebrities wore his boots. However, the real success was achieved when the boots were on display at Oprah Winfrey.

The rest is history. Hordes of mothers and children you saw walking on UGGs. And what comes into fashion eventually also goes out of fashion. UGG came up with something about this. The brand started to focus again in mid-2011 on where it all started; the active man. Because in the eighties it was mainly male surfers who wore these “sheepskin” products after coming out of the cold sea water.

The strategy of UGG works. Why? There is now a large assortment of products available. Including the UGG slippers. And we are very happy with it! Why?

It is the first thing you want to do when you are at home is your UGG slippers. You immediately have a homely feeling and you never have cold feet again! You also do not feel that you belong to the category of “slumber carriers” who also smoke heavy tobacco and prefer to walk to the snack bar on slippers. No, you have really fancy slippers here that can be seen.

In addition, UGG is and remains a quality product. These slippers can be easily carried 2 to 3 winters. In fact, the more often you wear them the more you will love them. The slippers are made of soft suede, fully lined with sheepskin and have a leather outsole.

A beautiful story to tell when you give this gift! For example for Father’s Day, Father’s birthday. But also for Mothers, there are all kinds of trendy colors!

Considering the price a nice gift to give to someone together with your sisters, brothers or friends.

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