5 tips for giving the perfect gift

5 Tips for Giving the Perfect Gift

1. Use your creativity

It is obvious but is often forgotten due to lack of time. The perfect gift can not always be translated into the value or size of the product. The appreciation is greatest when you really have made the effort for the person. What is something small for you can be very big for the other person. Use your creativity and live in the person. Otherwise you have a big chance that your gift ends up in the closet.

2. Ensure the correct packaging

Almost as important as the gift itself: the packaging. The packaging can make or break it. Think of beautiful wrapping paper, a special bow, a nice foil with a piece of rope or a nice bag. Fortunately, more and more retailers and shops are paying attention to this. There are is also an increasing number of stores where you can pack your gift directly. No time? Take what you need and pack it easy at home.

3. Come with a story when giving it

You have made the effort to find the perfect gift. Show this by telling why you bought it when giving it to the person. Make it a special moment. The other person can appreciate this! It is, as if it is, a compliment that you give someone.

4. Set a budget

This is to protect yourself but at the same time to challenge yourself too. What price do you have in mind or what price do you normally give for a birthday? For children, the average is 5 to 10 dollars, while for adults you see different budgets from 10 to 25 dollars. It is also dependent on who you give it to. After all, you’ll spend more for your partner or your own children than for an acquaintance. Do not go over your budget but challenge yourself to find it somewhere cheaper or by being creative yourself.

5. Give a gift together with friends

A perfect way to give a more expensive gift that this person would like to receive. By bundling spending power with friends you quickly increase the budget and therefore the possibilities. You can then suddenly buy those Beats Headphones or for example those nice sunglasses. The recipient of the gift will be very happy. All the more because there has been a shared effort for him or her.