What to bring when invited to someone for a dinner?

bring for dinner

You’re invited somewhere for a dinner and you don’t know whether or not you have to bring something for them. Our advice: never arrive empty-handed! And with the tips below, it does not have to be expensive at all.

A bottle of wine

An easy one if you ask us. You go for a dinner and you usually drink a glass of wine. You may also know what you’re going to eat, so you can tune in a good bottle of wine. There’s already a nice bottle of wine for 5 dollars. Something with bubbles like Cava is already available for 10 dollars. Do you go to a BBQ and is it nice and sunny? Then you are always safe with a Rosé. A tip from us: make sure the bottle is cold when giving it.

Specialty beers

If the host and/or hostess are more fond of beer, then there are many specialty beers available. Because there are more ingredients in beer (water, grain (mainly barley), hops and yeast) than in wine (grapes), the variety is so great that there is always an original beer to be found. Are they real beer lovers? Then a Brew Barrel, with which they can brew beer themselves, is a very nice gift.


It is very attentive when you bring flowers. People love flowers and vice versa. Attach a personal card on it in which you say that you really enjoy being invited. The advantage of flowers is that they look nice and people can enjoy them for a long time. So they will be thinking of you all week.

A vegetable garden

A vegetable garden is trendy. And how nice is it that when you go to someone to dine that you take a vegetable garden for example on the counter with you. You can think of chives, mint or parsley. It fits completely into the theme of food and dining.


Are you a chef in the kitchen or do you know something that is really tasty as a dessert? Then suggest that you arrange the dessert for that evening. The host and/or hostess then only have to concentrate on the other corridors, with which you take work off their hands, and you immediately make it into something “shared”. This way you can all enjoy the food and drinks optimally.

Take a game with you

Of course, it is quite fun to take a game with you. You show that you have confidence in a pleasant evening and that you have a nice game after dinner. Games that almost everyone likes are Rummikub and Ligretto.

Enjoy the dinner and have fun giving!